hello i'm emma, i'm twenty, from northern ireland, i watch a lot of tv, and am prone to swearing. this is not a spoiler free blog.
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a bunch of practice nat doodles


a bunch of practice nat doodles

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Taylor Swift + Being her HBIC self at Billboard Music Awards 2013

Guys we can’t forget the lip syncing responseimage 


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I’m not afraid!


If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

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my boyfriend and i were getting down and dirty and the only clothing left was my batman pants and he turned to me, deadly serious as he took them off and said “batgirl, time to prepare your batcave for the batmobile” and i started crying with laughter and in the end we didnt even have sex we were laughing too much

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I warned you


I warned you

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Queer doesn’t mean “don’t label me,” it means “I am naming myself.” It means “ask me more questions if you curious” and in the same breath means “fuck off.”